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Embracing the Body: Learning Compassion as a “Felt-Sense”

Article  • 5 - 8 minutes • 2/2014
Beginner Skill Level
5 - 8 minutes

Our "felt-sense" can provide crucial information about our experience and our lives. It can also help us integrate and retain information. This can also bring greater access to internal resources, choice, open heartedness, collaboration and creative solutions. From there, profound insight and transformation can follow. Here's how we can harness that...

The Spiral Blend

Video  • 15 minutes • 10/01/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
15 minutes

David explores how movement helps you hold your center when navigating challenging conversations. Example: Move to Wind ~ to calm your system; Move to Ground ~ to notice the ground on which you stand; and Step to Shikaku ~ step behind to practice empathic listening. Listen Now.

NVC at Work

Video (Public)  • 00:15 hours:minutes • 09/14/2016
Intermediate Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:15 hours:minutes

Listen in as Dian shares her tips and sense of urgency around bringing NVC skills to work: 1) How to use your imagination (visualization!) to help you connect with somatic responses and needs; and 2) Five built-in advantages to sharing NVC in the work place.

Somatic Practices for Embodying NVC

Video (Public)  • 00:08 hours:minutes • 12/11/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:08 hours:minutes
How do you build new learning paths and change old practices? Listen as David presents the elements of somatic practice — including those that build new learning paths — and discover where that learning “sweet spot” is!