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The Neuroscience of Privilege, Power and Status

Article •  15 - 22 minutes
Advanced Skill Level
15 - 22 minutes
Our brains tend to see those outside our circle of belonging as non-human. This occurs reflexively when we have more advantages than others. When we notice people that look like us, we'll think about them, wonder about them, and imagine their lives, and empathize more -- but not so for those of other affiliations, classes, "races", etc. Working with this is crucial if we want to live nonviolently. Read on for 7 related practices.

Privilege Literacy: Why we Need to Know About the Effects of Power, Privilege and Status to Live Nonviolently

Article •  15 - 23 minutes
All Skill Levels
15 - 23 minutes

Our brains make patterns out of everything to save effort. But this has consequences on both how we treat others and on our ability to live nonviolently. The more we know about our own patterns, the more choice we have. Read on to learn our most important tendencies in groups, and what we can do in response.