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Helping Another Find Willingess

Article •  4-6 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
4-6 minutes

Is there someone you wish was more willing? Try guessing what obstacles they might be struggling with. And allow yourself to feel your grief. As you grapple with your own desire for someone to find their willingness, its essential to recognize that this is about you and your needs. You can also express your needs honestly, make requests for how to collaborate, and be responsive to what they want. Read on for more on this, plus four common ways someone’s willingness might be blocked.

Compassionate Mediation: How NVC Can Bring People Together Across Differences

with Jeff Brown
Audio •  36 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
36 minutes

Jeff shows us how to emply NVC to supercharge the possibility of transformation between two people in a mediation process.

From Suffering to Aliveness: Not Fighting Reality

Audio •  26 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
26 minutes

How we relate to life parallels how we relate to others! Learn how to have a more healthy way of relating to situations and people when your needs are not being met. Bob Wentworth offers some wisdom on moving from suffering to aliveness through not fighting what is.