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Geneviève Roger

Geneviève Roger

Journalist and director, Geneviève Roger has worked for numerous French television programs. She started her career traveling the world for different channels and prime time shows .... 

She has made several reports and documentaries on social issues.

In 2005, she discovered Nonviolent Communication and decided to put her know-how at the service of this process which turned her life upside down. 

Trained at the CNV and eager to make this process known to as many people as possible, she has devoted herself to writing and directing several documentaries: 

"These teachers who change the school", shows the transformations taking place in a middle school in France thanks to the action of a teacher trained at CNV.

"Words that liberate", a film shot in a Portland USA prison, shows how inmates who discover and learn Nonviolent Communication can reconnect with their humanity.

"Women daring peace" tells the story of the friendship between Anat and Nadia and how NVC facilitates exchanges and listening between Jews and Palestinians.

Today Genevieve is working on a fictional screenplay project with a small team of screenwriters trained at NVC.

  • See the film that is changing how “enemies” are showing up for each other
  • Witness the impact of NVC in Palestinian and Jewish families
  • Experience the film and engage with the women who created it
  • Watch firsthand how NVC can resolve conflict in unexpected places
  • Watch an inspirational film about how NVC makes a difference in the lives of prison inmates
  • Meet Dow Gordon, an inmate turned NVC trainer
  • Listen in as the filmmakers and others involved with the film speak about their experiences
  • Receive answers to your own questions about NVC in prisons
  • Receive a big dose of inspiration and hope!