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Kateryna Yasko, Olena Kashkarova, Pavlo Kozeletskyi & Duke Duchscherer

Kateryna Yasko, Olena Kashkarova, Pavlo Kozeletskyi & Duke Duchscherer

Kateryna Yasko (from Kyiv, Ukraine, but currently living with her family in Lithuania) is an organizational psychologist, a trainer for the development of emotional intelligence, trust, cooperation, effective communication, and peaceful conflict resolution, certified by CNVC. Her academic background is in the area of international relations and law (MSc), business (MBA), and psychology (MSc). She is a head of the public association “International Institute for Integral Development” and founder of an educational initiative EMPATIA.PRO

Pavlo Kozeletskyi (from Kyiv, Ukraine, but currently living with his family in Vienna) is a Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion professional with over 7 years of experience in facilitation of dialogue, training, and mediation around direct and indirect conflicts, alternative dispute resolution and conflict, and conflict resolution and prevention across Ukraine, certified by CNVC. His academic background is in the area of law and psychology. He is OSCE expert in supporting dialogue/mediation in social conflicts. He worked as a facilitator / mediator / moderator/expert  with OSCE, UNDP, British Council Ukraine, East Europe Foundation, PAX (Nederland), DVV International, "Foundations of Freedom" international non-governmental organization, NGO Ukrainian Center for Nonviolent Communication and Reconciliation "Dignity Space", IREX and others.

Olena Kashkarova is a Ukrainian NVC trainer, at the moment she lives in Germany. Since 2010 one of the areas of her interest is dialogue work where she has a range of experience from a group of 2 people to 17000 participants through coordinating a dialogue component in the UNDP project; from her family members to board members of two international organizations in Geneva; from one-time meetings to programs with support over a year; from work in the field as a trainer/facilitator to a member of the Council in Initiatives of Change-International, which unites trust-building organizations in 60 countries.

Facilitator Duke Duchscherer is a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication and is a past member of the Board of Directors for the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. He has facilitated training in Restorative Circles and Nonviolent Communication around the world with a depth and breadth of peoples and communities from small villages at the grassroots to governmental leaders at the United Nations on five continents. Some of this work has included supporting the transformation of active conflicts such as leading a series of restorative dialogues between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian community where they reside near the warfront in Ukraine(2015); or facilitating dialogue between state-level government officials, minority/indigenous groups, and those who have been directly harmed by strikes, protests, and border closings due to the promulgation of the new Nepal constitution. Duke has also worked extensively in the area of reconciliation leading numerous dialogues such as one between former Shining Path & MRTA rebels, former military, civil society leaders, and those directly harmed during the ‘time of violence’ in Peru; or between Rwandan genocide survivors and recently released prisoners who killed their families. (see the documentary In The Eyes of the Good and the website www.togetherwethrive.world for examples of Duke’s work).