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The Heart of Connection
Mindful Meditations created by CNVC Certified Trainers Inessa Love, Robert Gonzales and Miki Kashtan.

Running Time: 77 Minutes
Cost: $10 USD

Inspired by Nonviolent CommunicationSM and grounded in Mindfulness, these meditations offer powerful and effective ways to:
  • Bring new insight and perspective to difficult situations
  • Transform unhelpful habits and grow your innate compassion
  • Resolve conflicts and create peace in your life and in the world.

Here is a list of the tracks you will find on the CD:  

1. Introduction (6:24)

The introduction will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your practice with the CD. It introduces the concept of universal human needs - the core idea of Nonviolent Communication - and suggests how to use the CD for the most benefit.

2. Self-compassion: Watering the seeds of love and kindness within (14:51)

Self Compassion is the foundation for inner peace and harmonious relationships. In this meditation you become aware of your inner judgments and release them. You will set an intention for how you’d like to treat yourself and visualize yourself fulfilling this intention. You will then practice a powerful breathing technique to anchor your intention and end with a planed action to reaffirm your commitment to yourself. This meditation sets the ground for your relationships with others.

3. Sharing in our common humanity: Opening your heart to others (14:28)

This meditation assists you in transforming a challenging situation that involves another person and cultivating more compassion for this person. You clarify your needs and the needs of the other person and experience a sense of your shared humanity. Then you practice a nourishing breathing technique that supports the opening of your heart to this person. You end with a vision of the well-being for both of you, and you experience the healing of pain and discord.

4. Bridging the gap of separation:  Clarifying your intention (13:22)

In this meditation you continue working on a challenging situation that involves another person. You start with taking a look at your habitual patterns that block understanding and connection and then set an intention for what you really want. Then you imagine an outcome that is in line with your intention – and is mutually satisfying. You use the power of your intention to first visualize and then create the outcome your heart desires.

5. From deficiency to fullness: Dwelling in the beauty of needs – by Robert Gonzales (14:34)

This meditation is created and recorded by Robert Gonzales who pioneered the process of transforming the pain of unmet needs to the beauty of needs. For this meditation you can use any challenging situation – whether it involves another person or not. You first experience the state of deficiency – a contraction resulting from attachment to an outcome that creates suffering. Then you experience the “beauty of needs” – the emotional state of fullness and fulfillment. You connect with the life energy of the needs. By listening to this meditation you can cultivate a state of inner peace whether or not your needs are met in the moment.

6. Transforming your inner struggle: Being one with your experience – by Miki Kashtan (13:42)

This meditation is created and recorded by Miki Kashtan.  It will help you bring peace inside by accepting every aspect of your experience without tension or struggle about it. You can practice this meditation whether or not you have a specific challenging situation in mind. This meditation will help you to open your heart to all of your needs and gain deeper understanding and appreciation of your needs, while increasing your sense of acceptance and inner peace.

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