Jeff Brown

Jeff has been a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2005, and earns 100% of his income from NVC-related activities. Jeff created a financially sustainable livelihood from the ground-up in less than 3 years, having facilitated trainings in 14 U.S. states and 4 countries. He is passionate about supporting others who wish to create a livelihood around NVC. Jeff has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, is trained in Community Mediation and Victim-Offender Reconciliation, and has been influenced by Unity and New Thought principles of abundance.




How to Create a Successful and Sustainable NVC Business

A Recorded Telecourse with Jeff Brown, CNVC Certified Trainer from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Recorded during May 2-3, 2008
Total Duration: 1 hours, 57 minutes (117 minutes)

Abundance is a central theme in Nonviolent Communication, however many people who wish to create a livelihood sharing NVC have struggled to create sustainable income and support themselves doing so.

This telecourse recording will help you discover how to create profitable and sustainable income built around NVC, using both the principles of manifestation and practical action steps… all the while operating with integrity, honesty and mutuality and creating a more wonderful world for everyone involved.

Learn how to:

  • Organize successful trainings and other events that bring abundant income
  • Diversify your NVC income-earning activities to create balance and synergy
  • Surrender limiting jackal beliefs about money, which will enable you to receive more financial abundance
  • Establish successful partnerships with others who wish to create a livelihood around NVC
  • Enthusiastically promote yourself after releasing self-consciousness and embarrassment
  • Listen to the learning material again and again
  • Recordings are an alternative to participating in live course
  • Use recordings to prepare for a live workshop or telecourse
  • Conveniently listen in your car, while you're jogging, or while relaxing at home
  • Recordings can supplement your learning and reinforce what you already know
  • Recordings make great learning tools for your practice group

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