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Healing Trauma, Finding Forgiveness: Partners, Parents, Children, and Self
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7 Sessions
14-16 hours
Recorded in 2020
PDF Handouts Included

MP4 Video Download

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What happens when empathy isn't enough?

When you and the people you love keep getting into the same argument again and again with no resolution or change, it can feel deeply distressing. It may even be challenging to hold on to hope. 

When you look at the outer world, you may find yourself wondering how humanity can possibly work through the deep issues that divide us. Political differences, infidelity, betrayal, acts of violence, world events, racism, intergenerational trauma, or unhealed wounds from childhood.

If you have received empathy for these issues from multiple sources, and still there is no significant relief, then you might even start to question the effectiveness of empathy and your own capacity to heal.

This is where an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and resonance is vital to supporting healing and connection in long-term relationships.

In this collection of MP4 recordings from Sarah Peyton’s 2020 course, you will discover:

  • New paths designed to enable you to move towards integrating – and healing – difficult events
  • How learning about the brain brings us more self-compassion, self-acceptance, and healing
  • How to look at your old patterns with warmth – while also opening you up to change
  • Support healing and connecting in your long-term relationships – even when it seems there is no resolution in sight!

 Realizing what trauma is – a phenomenon that affects us all – increases your self-compassion and gives you solid ground to stand on. Then, when you begin to integrate the tool of unconscious contract work, you can become intimate with your own survival strategies and those of the people you love.

When you begin to integrate these tools and understanding, you open a door to deep healing and connection that you may not have been able to access before.

What a gift to give those you love – and what a gift to give yourself.

Sarah Peyton

About Sarah Peyton

CNVC Certified Trainer from Vancouver, Washington, USA

Sarah Peyton, international speaker and facilitator, has a passion for weaving together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing that unify people with their brains and bodies. Sarah makes Interpersonal Neurobiology research available for our embodied brains to use in living at peace with ourselves. Funny, touching, and filled with personal stories and up-to-date research on our nervous systems and how they interact with each other, her presentations change lives and invite self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Sarah offers healing experiences of hearing ourselves and others deeply (using the precision and resonant language that come alive in the long-term...