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Choice: Finding Choice Within & Navigating A Polarized World

Begins January 10, 2022 • 8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Exercise your ability to make conscious and life-enriching choices
  • Learn a framework for wrestling with the polarizing issues of our time
  • Gain internal tools to better navigate this complex and paradoxical world
  • Invite more clarity into the way you interact with yourself, others, and life

Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Program

Begins February 4, 2022 • 90 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Learn how to engage effectively with others around a shared purpose
  • Weave nonviolence more deeply into your personal leadership style
  • Receive ongoing support in moving towards your highest goals
  • Increase your capacity to know and face reality as a source of greater choice
  • Be a part of transforming the old legacy of scarcity, powerlessness, and separation into a livable future

Sometimes Shit Happens: Play with it!

Begins February 10, 2022 • 8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • “Don’t do anything that isn’t play!” Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Learn how to return to Play in the face of pain and fear
  • Steer through stormy waters with more grace
  • Find new ways to deal with your struggles!

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence

Begins March 17, 2022 • 20 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Clarify and accentuate your personal teaching style
  • Gain tools for creating safety and ease in your groups
  • Learn to easily create workshop outlines and teaching activities
  • Come away with tips that will keep your workshops alive

Responding to Everyday Racism: Skills for Effectively Challenging Racist Words and Ideas

Begins April 11, 2022 • 6 hours (90 minutes per session)
  • Find ways to compassionately address words and actions we perceive as racist
  • Learn how to challenge racist ideas in ways most likely to encourage openness
  • Uncover words to clearly express the importance of transforming social systems
  • Discover your point of leverage in transforming racism embedded in larger systems

2022 Online NVC Conference

April 29-May 1, 2022 • 3 days (18 sessions)

We are proudly sponsoring the 2022 Online NVC Conference!

  • Experience the varied perspectives of 9 experienced, engaging trainers
  • Learn skills for listening, speaking, and cooperating with integrity and care
  • Practice skills to communicate better at home, at work, or at school
  • Make connections with kindred souls from around the world

Join English or Spanish tracks – and enjoy live translations

Boundaries: Finding Your Brain’s Healthy No

Begins May 11, 2022 • 12 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Discover your own patterns around boundaries
  • Know your limits and how to stand up for yourself
  • Express your boundaries without shame backlashes
  • Reclaim time for yourself to do what you need

A deep dive into the Art of Mediation

Begins May 12, 2022 • 15 hours (3 hours per session)
  • Discover how mediation is a fundamental social skill that everyone can learn
  • Gain the skills to stay centered when a conflict becomes heated
  • Learn how to lead a dialogue toward sustainable agreements
  • Help facilitate connection and creativity to discover and meet everyone’s needs

Jump In Now: Facilitation Basics

Begins June 4, 2022 • 8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Clarify and accentuate your personal teaching style
  • Build a strong NVC network and support system
  • Expand your capacity for living in NVC consciousness
  • Learn how to balance everyone’s needs – yours included
  • Fall in love with NVC all over again

Awakening your power to liberate the power of love/ Despertando tu poder para liberar la fuerza del amor

Begins June 7, 2022 / Empieza el 7 de Junio, 2022 • 12 hours (2 hours per session) / 12 horas (2 horas por sesión)
  • Regain the inner power to love without obstacles.
  • Activate the only force that is capable of transforming the consciousness of suffering, guilt and reactivity.
  • Make choices that lead you to prioritize caring for life at every moment.
  • Build a way of life that is compatible with the rhythm of love.
  • Puedes recuperar el poder interior de amar sin obstáculos.
  • Puedes activar la única fuerza que es capaz de transfomar la conciencia del sufrimiento, la culpa y la reactividad.
  • Puedes hacer elecciones que te lleven a priorizar el cuidado de la vida a cada instante.
  • Puedes construir una forma de vida que sea compatible con la vibración del amor.

NVC for Social Change: Responding to Systemic Issues with Compassion

Begins July 6, 2022 • 16 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Explore how to create effective change without creating enemies
  • Learn to channel righteous indignation while still holding compassion
  • Find strategies for connecting with those whose actions you disagree with
  • Gain new insights into how NVC can contribute to meaningful social change

Authenticity, Belonging and Shame

Begins July 12, 2022 • 18 hours (1.5 hours per session)
  • Express your truth and belong at the same time
  • Navigate 11 common sources of shame with compassion and neuroscience
  • Use awareness of your needs to stay in choice around self-expression
  • Shift old contracts around self-expression so you can be in integrity with yourself
  • Dance with shame to create a deeply genuine sense of belonging in your life

Authentic Dialogues Across Race/Ethnicity

Begins September 2, 2022 • 22 hours (2 hours per session + 2.5 hours dialogues)
  • Begin to bridge the racial/ethnic divides in your community
  • Contribute to healing by sharing authentically and listening deeply
  • Learn how to be present with openness and curiosity with more confidence 
  • Practice a language and framework that supports a supportive, diverse world

Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out

Begins September 22, 2022 • 12 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Heal internal messages that tell you you're not good enough
  • Release yourself from old habits and unmet needs
  • Deepen your ability to connect with self and heal your past
  • Heighten your ability to express your authentic self
  • Experience greater ease and joy in your relationships

Somatic NVC-Stabilization of the Nervous System and Self-Connection

Begins October 9, 2022 • 9 hours (3 hours per session)
  • Learn how to stabilize your nervous system to build inner safety
  • Become more aware of what is going on inside you
  • Transform internal negativity into inner peace and compassion
  • Connect to the outside world with curiosity and empathy

Self-Compassion Boot Camp

Begins December 2, 2022 • 25 hours (5 days)
  • Reboot your sense of self-connection with accompaniment, neuroscience and NVC
  • Kickstart the release of tension you are holding in your body from past pain
  • Breathe in compassion and let a renewed sense of self reinvigorate you
  • Experience how transformation of old contracts can set the tone for new habits

Taste of Compassionate Leadership (Ongoing)

4th Saturday of each month • 2 hours per session
  • Meets on the fourth Saturday of most months
  • Experience a taste of living within an empathic community
  • Enjoy short yet powerful training / practice sessions with our trainers
  • Learn concrete skills and steps for practicing compassion and leadership