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Our Global Partners

The NVC Academy is proud to partner with other NVC organizations from around the world to collaborate and share useful, fun, and engaging NVC learning resources.

GROK the World

United States

Beautifully designed products that invite deep and authentic conversations… as well as playful and engaging interactions. People all over the globe are using GROK products to get to the heart of what matters most.

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grok your world

NVC Dance Floors

United Kingdom

An embodied approach to learning and integrating Nonviolent Communication, NVC Dance Floors are spatial maps made up of large cards that place NVC processes on the floor in various layouts called 'dances'.

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dance floors

Connection Essentials Online Course


This course contains the essential steps of Nonviolent Communication for personal relationships, providing you with the keys to creating caring, harmonious, authentic interactions, resolving conflicts and experiencing deeper, more satisfying emotional intimacy.

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connection essentials online

NVC Books

United States

Founded in 1998, PuddleDancer Press is the largest publisher of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) related books. Our small team is committed to developing the highest-quality NVC learning materials, and to help ensure continued access to these materials worldwide.

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