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NVC Course Recordings for beginners, trainers, and everyone in between, Unlock your communication potential!
NVC Course Recordings for beginners, trainers, and everyone in between, Unlock your communication potential!

Finding Common Ground in Challenging Times

MP4 Video Download • 4 Sessions • Recorded in 2020
  • Find intuitive guidance for bridging divides
  • Connect to deep needs that have been habitually ignored
  • Discharge the anxiety held in old, embodied reactions
  • Make decisions and take actions that align with your values 
  • Cultivate resources for more enjoyably and more capably building relationships

Nonviolent Facilitation as a Path to the Future: Bringing Vision, Integrity and Care to Group Leadership

MP4 Video Download • 3 Sessions • Recorded in 2019
  • Access, follow and train your intuition: how to know without knowing;
  • Navigate difficult situations with care for all through an active awareness of your own power, as well as other sources of power in the room;
  • Remain aware of who speaks and who doesn’t, of those whose pain is invisible – and what you can do about it;
  • Walk towards someone presenting a challenge to a group you are facilitating, while continuing to hold care for the entire group, and more.

Rooms in the Same House: Interweaving NVC and Buddhism

MP3 Audio Download • 6 Sessions • Recorded in 2017
  • Easier and steadier access to presence, awareness and self-connection in relationships and challenging situations 
  • Illumination of basic Buddhist and NVC principles 
  • A deeper understanding of how to live the Buddhist precepts of non-harming, mindful speech and deep listening 
  • An introduction to useful tools for families and communities to create a culture of Nonviolent Communication

Living the Self-in-Life

MP3 Audio Download • 6 Sessions • Recorded in 2016
  • Deepen your capacity for self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Bring greater compassion to your relationships
  • Increase your capacity for vulnerability and mourning
  • Enhance your sense of trusting your own place in life, as well as your purpose

Thrive Together: An Inspired Exploration into the Vast World of Relationships

MP4 Video Download • 20 Sessions • Recorded in 2021
  • Celebrate and nurture your relationship to the Earth — and each other! 
  • Explore your connections to family, partner, work, nature, self and more 
  • Discover new ways to grow in community and work together to make this world a better place  
  • Engage and immerse yourself in NVC while making new friends! 

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