About Our Pricing

Wondering About Discounts, Sliding-Scales and Scholarships?

The following provides information about our pricing and policies regarding offering discounts:

The NVC Academy is an online company whose goals are to support as many people as possible, across the world, to learn and deepen their NVC consciousness. We go to great efforts to keep the cost of our courses and products as low as possible while providing a broad range of choices in consideration of our worldwide constituency.

Some of our considerations in pricing are:
  • The broad range of income levels across the world
  • The value of the US dollar against foreign currency
  • The maximum number of people a trainer wants to include in their course
  • Number of hours in a course
  • Any additional components/programs offered in a course
Ultimately, we are considering the needs of:
  • Course Registrants for choice, trust, value, consistency and access
  • Trainers for sustainability, respect and joy in working with us
  • NVC Academy Team Members for sustainability, ease and joy in their work
  • NVC Academy for long term sustainability and viability

Because the people who utilize our services have varying budgets, life styles, learning preferences and time zones we try to provide a breadth of products and programs that offer choice and stimulation, including some that are free of charge.

We recognize that even though we so value contributing to individuals and we endeavor to consider everyone’s needs, we are not always able to find ways to do so.

This is our dilemma. On the one hand, we truly want to consider the needs of each individual, fully valuing connection and contribution. On the other hand, the volume of requests we receive from people across the globe can be daunting. While we value connection and contribution, we also value choice and long term sustainability. And, much of the reason we can price our programs/courses as low as they are is because our registration process is automated.

 With each request for a change of any kind, we go from an automated to a manual system, thus increasing our internal financial and time expenses.

For instance, in addition to lack of financial resources or currency exchange challenges, we regularly receive other requests for discounts, scholarships or a different payment plan because a person:

  • Won’t be able to attend all sessions
  • Wants only to listen to the recordings
  • Is joining a course after its initial start date
  • Wants us to consider any other number of specific requests too numerous to provide in detail

For some time we wondered why it was that we began to feel overwhelmed with the requests we were receiving. Finally, it became clearer that it is the sheer number of requests we receive and the fact that we already price courses at the lowest rate we think we can offer them and support our own and the trainers' sustainability. As it is, we are not meeting our own needs for sustainability as much as we would like.

So, it continues to be a dilemma for us - how to live in our NVC consciousness, support the worldwide community of NVC enthusiasts, and maintain our long term (and immediate) sustainability so we can continue to support our beloved community (and all the individuals within it) for years to come.

We mourn that, as a result of this complex balancing process, we have not found a way to fully attend to global income disparities and still attend to our own needs, and that this regularly means that people from some regions in the world are unable to have access to the resources we provide.

We are so grateful to our greater NVC community who, together with us, find ways to support our worldwide NVC community.  Our great hope is that, working together, all people who want it will have access to NVC trainings, regardless of their incomes or geographic location.  This gives us more peace knowing that many of us are working towards this goal.

We hope that in reading this you have a greater understanding of the many needs we grapple with on a daily basis, and what drives our decisions. We are equally hopeful that you will find choice among the many offered courses, products and prices that will support your learning, joy and fun.

Our request of you is to fully consider the needs we have outlined here before asking us to make exceptions. You can request a scholarship to attend our programs here: Scholarship Request.

With respect,

Mary Mackenzie and Mark Schultz
NVC Academy Co-founders
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