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A house that is built to be sturdy, yet flexible can stand up to many years of challenging weather – it can survive - even thrive in the vast variety of circumstances known as everyday life. Both Buddhism and NVC can provide a sturdy support system for this kind of home. They offer you skills to help you remain open to whatever life offers you, to be in harmony with the flow, and they provide a sheltering space held together by acceptance, compassion and loving kindness.!

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  • Skill Level All Skill Levels
  • Start Date 7/10/19 - 7/31/19
  • Amount $175 - $218
  • Downloads All registrants receive access to course recordings
  • Duration 8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Multi Trainer Num 1
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    Upon registration, you will receive an email with complete instructions to access the call, and suggestions to make the most of your course experience.

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