Holly Eckert

Holly Eckert

CNVC Certified Trainer from Seattle, Washington, USA

Holly Michelle Eckert, is a CNVC Certified Trainer and author of Graduating From Guilt (2009 PuddleDancer Press). In 1999 she first felt the power of Nonviolent Communication as a way to increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of her parenting. Within an hour of beginning to read Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, she was clear that sharing NVC would be her primary gift to the world.

By 2001, Holly was teaching these skills to other parents as Director of Northwest Attachment Parenting. However, her passion for NVC extended far beyond its usefulness in parenting. She knew that NVC transforms all types of relationships, and over the next few years, crafted a sequence of Nonviolent Communication courses into her Radiant Relationships Seminar Series.

Holly has a keen interest in the spiritual realm, having studied energy medicine and shamanism. Various teachings from these fields wind their way into the courses as well.

Formerly a teacher of music pedagogy and faculty member at Alfred University and Hamilton College, Holly displays a deep understanding of the artistry of teaching. Her teaching is described as perfectly balanced between structured and spontaneous, deep yet light-hearted. Her focus is to make NVC universally accessible, fool-proof and uplifting.

Holly is available for NVC trainings and can be reached through her website.

Website: Holly Eckert

Holly negotiates with her son Manny about his needs in relationship to Mom and Dad's date night out. Then, they role play a variety of ways that they could negotiate that would support all the needs.
Holly talks with her son about his frustration with his sister. Then, the two of them engage in a role-play about a conflict between an older brother and younger sister in two ways.
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