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In the Spotlight: Intention

"Two things distinguish nonviolent actions from violent actions. First, you don’t see an enemy and second, your intention is not to make the other side suffer."
—Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

"Intention and attention are fundamental to your NVC practice and make a huge difference to connection and outcomes, yet they are harder to identify, develop and maintain than the skills of communicating about observations, feelings, needs and requests."
—Bridget Belgrave

"Think about your intentionality – are you getting lost in the method or coming from the intentionality, the purpose? You don’t want to do the mechanics without the consciousness."
—Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

Jim and Jori Manske’s Zero Step helps you focus your attention on your intention to connect, and then affirms your intention to live in the present. Listen in as Jim and Jori demonstrate the process — and learn about the benefits of using and cultivating it!  This session is available to all during February. Listen just below...

Francois Beausoleil

Francois Beausoleil

Passionate about contributing to the well-being of himself and others through teaching communication skills and promoting a respectful way of living interdependence, Francois Beausoleil, after a career as a professional musician, has been teaching, mentoring, consulting and leading training sessions (in both French and English) with organizations and communities across Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan since 2004.

Apart from his mentoring work with individual clients, he is currently involved in several projects involving mentoring, consulting and training. Some of his organizational clients are: Pepsico, Quaker Muller, Hearst Corporation, and Milliman Care Guidelines.

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Blame can become a terrible habit – one that’s extremely costly both personally, socially and culturally. When you play The Blame Game there are usually only losers. Nobody wins, not really. Learn how to move out of blame into peace – whether it involves others, yourself or situations.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Francois shares the benefits of living in the Blame Free State, the state of the heart that has no enemies.
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