Anne Walton

CNVC Certified Trainer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anne Walton’s first visit to the CNVC website in 2004 brought her to tears! What she read there so deeply resonated with her, she knew in her heart that right then she was making a commitment to learn and share this process. Anne began her training with Marshall Rosenberg in Ottawa, Canada in 2005 and since then has passionately pursued learning and sharing NVC in Eastern and Western Canada and Southern California. She has participated in Robert Gonzales’ LIFE program and the Compassionate Leadership Program. Anne has shared NVC in schools, hospitals, community colleges, an adult recovery program and a homeless shelter.

Anne is also passionate about generating laughter, which she does through sharing her parody of Queen Elizabeth II. In 2001, when Anne’s life was not going quite as she would have enjoyed, she created a one woman show “CO(S)MIC QUEST” which she has performed, to rave reviews, in venues as far flung as St Petersburg, Russia; Calgary, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This delight in humour, fun, laughter and play is reflected in her trainings as well.

Anne feels incredibly blessed to have NVC in her life and treasures the difference it’s made particularly in her relationship with herself; she also enjoys the creativity of discovering and refining processes which support both herself and others in transforming core jackals and living life more fully.

Anne has two adult children, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren and now makes her home in Ottawa ON, Canada.

Website: Choose Connection

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