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NVC Life Hacks 33: Mediation in an informal setting

Video •  13 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
13 minutes

Mediation is a great skill to have whether it's for your personal relationships or in the workplace. We look at four different techniques and their benefits in a role-play that takes place in an informal, unorganised setting.

Navigating Polarizing Conversations

Video •  53 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
53 minutes

This video with Jim and Jori Manske explores how to navigate polarizing conversations.

Effective Collaboration

Video •  43 minutes

43 minutes

Watch Jim and Jori Manske in this video as they share three key learnings about collaborating effectively.

Acknowledging the Impact of Identity within Social Change Movements

Video •  56 minutes
Beginner Skill Level
56 minutes

Listen in as Roxy Manning and Mary Mackenzie introduce NVC… share information on the dynamics of identity in social change movements… and demonstrate through role playing how NVC grows connection.

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