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Gitta Zimmermann

Gitta Zimmermann

CNVC Certified Trainer from Germany

In February 2010, Gitta received certification as an NVC Trainer from the Center for Nonviolent Communication.
Gitta completed the classical school for mediation including 4 courses in supervision with accreditation of the German BM (Bundesverband Meditation). With Dominic Barter, she finished an education for being Mediator and participated in several of his trainings for facilitating Restorative Circles.

In 2012, Gitta participated in courses for further studies in “cooperative adventure games” arranged by various teachers. Gitta really enjoys playing games as it helps to develop lightness, and to connect to other people very easily, even without knowing much about them. Gitta discovered playing games to be bridge to get connect with young people, to get closer to their world. A big gain is the creation of trust, and the attempts of each one to find own solutions.

"In creating and organizing my own NVC projects I can combine to work with Nonviolent Communication and at the same time support children. This means a consequent step into a satisfying engagement. In the beginning I was more acting in the background, planning and organizing the projects. Since 2010 I am very proud to additionally contribute to my projects as trainer."

In October 2018, CNVC Certified Trainer Gitta Zimmerman held her 6th international workshop for people working with children in Ruhpolding, Germany. This workshop video offers NVC learning games, complete with instructions!

In October 2016, CNVC Certified Trainer Gitta Zimmerman held her 5th international workshop for people working with street children in Ruhpolding, Germany. This time most of the participants were already experienced, and we were merging more and more into a family. The workshop focus was on “mediation” and “entrepreneurship.