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Kathy Ziola

Kathy Ziola

CNVC Certified Trainer from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

Kathy Ziola, MA and CNVC Certified Trainer, lives in Grand Junction, Colorado where she offers Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training and coaching in a variety of settings. She is especially passionate about sharing NVC as an inquiry practice that can bring people to a place of deep awareness of presence from which all compassionate action may be sourced and extended to the world.

Kathy writes poetry and is currently publishing CD’s and a book. You may connect with Kathy for all training, services and poetry resources at www.communicationworks.us or by phone at 970.216.8597.

Website: Communication Works

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From the depths of internal winter to the melting open in the warm sunshine of spring to rest in the ocean of Spirit, this poetry is a journey of discovering deep Presence through the human experiences so many of us share.

Trainer Tip: When we respond in a way that is less than our ideal in terms of using NVC, we don't have to give up and think we are no good at NVC or that NVC doesn't work!

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