Kathleen Macferran

CNVC Certified Trainer from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

Kathleen Macferran is a CNVC Certified Trainer and offers Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training to schools, community groups, churches, hospitals, families, correctional officers and prison inmates. She is one of the trainers for the Freedom Project, an organization that strengthens our community through supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers. In addition to working with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), Kathleen  was the music director for the Rainier Chamber Winds for 16 years. Kathleen views the music ensemble as a wonderful metaphor for social organization since the wellbeing of one individual clearly depends on the wellbeing of all.

Kathleen offers training in concrete skills of nonviolence leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and the community.

Website: Strength of Connection

To see Kathleen's TEDx talk on creating safety in our communities through connection: Click here

Latest NVC Library Resources with Kathleen Macferran

What Would Be Possible If I Loved Myself? (Complete Course)

Join Kathleen for a gentle, compassionate exploration and embracing of your true self. Reclaim your self-worth, experience greater freedom when expressing your self and actually celebrate who you are in the world.  Delve into what self-love is and is not – including how to distinguish self-worth from negative cultural labels such as self-obsession and selfishness.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

Using NVC When the Going Gets Rough: In the Fire Behind Bars

Ten years of sharing NVC in Washington State prisons has deepened Kathleen Macferrans's conviction that nonviolence is truly a soul force—a force that transforms any heart touched by its clarity and power. Katheleen shares some stories when tensions ran high in prison workshops, and a fierce holding of how the NVC process helped us navigate. Kathleen explores how to support you in moving through your challenging situations with more clarity and grace.

Integrating NVC (Complete Course)

Does NVC seem like a good idea, but not practical? Do you feel frustrated when you find yourself in the same jackal scenario repeatedly? Let beloved trainer Kathleen Macferran guide you toward integrating NVC into all aspects of your life.

The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

The Art of Listening: Kathleen Macferran at TEDx Ranier

In this thought provoking talk, Kathleen Macferran explores the power of listening to open doors and potentially to transform people. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.

Houses of Healing: Kathleen Macferran at TEDx

Are we really safer when we put those who harm others behind bars and forget about them? Explore turning our prisons into houses of healing and creating connections that lead to greater safety for our communities.
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