Matthew Rich

Certified Life Coach and CNVC Certification Candidate from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Matthew Rich is a Certified Life Coach and certification candidate at the Center for Nonviolent Communication. He is presently co-Executive Director of the international Integral Education Centre ( and a lead trainer for Kommunikasie – Centre for Sustainable Communication (  He has a diverse background working in the field of alternative education and human development and has taught NVC in many contexts around the globe including to school leaders and sales executives in India; to Montessori teachers and orphanage workers in China; to hospital administrators, nurses, teachers and children in South Africa; and to Democratic educators from across the world.

Matthew is particularly excited about NVC’s applications in conflict transformation, leadership development and transforming the ways that we relate to children. Matthew also has extensive experience in integral studies having published articles widely and spoken at academic conferences in a number of countries. He is currently completing a graduate degree in Integral Psychology focusing on the work of Sri Aurobindo.

Originally from South Africa Matthew now lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, together with his partner Anneke Tolsma.  He offers a range of training, coaching and mediation services internationally.

Matthew may be contacted by email at


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