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Somatic NVC-Stabilization of the Nervous System and Self-Connection
  • Help your nervous system stabilize so you can have more inner peace
  • Embody the spirit of NVC through body-mind awareness
  • Experience a more authentic connection with yourself 
  • Build inner safety so you can open up to new connections!

Sundays, October 9-23, 2022 (3 sessions)
5:00pm-8:00pm Pacific (California) Time

Registration Fee: $213
NVC Library members: $171
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“Where is my attention?” “What has been my own experience?”

“What have I felt and what are my needs?”

To become aware of these things, we need to turn our attention inwards toward ourselves.

It is not rational thought but rather the nervous system in conjunction with your body that determines whether you feel safe or threatened. When the nervous system determines that your environment is not hostile, you can exist fully. You want to connect to the outside world with curiosity and feel empathy. 

Mina Mo is a powerful trainer with a passion for working with the juxtaposition of body-mind awareness and somatic movement to embody the spirit of NVC. 

In this 3-session course, you will learn how to stabilize your nervous system so that you may:

  • Be more aware of yourself by connecting with your body
  • Transform yourself into a state of inner peace and compassion
  • Experience a more secure state of existence
  • Be able to open up to connections with others and the world!

Mina Mo will show you how stabilization of the nervous system helps to build inner safety, awareness, and authentic connection with yourself! 

  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
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Mina Mo

About Mina Mo

CNVC Certified Trainer from Seoul, South Korea

Mina Mo, her specialty is somatic movement education in addition to NVC. She has a passion in working with the juxtaposition of body-mind awareness and somatic movement to embody the spirit of NVC. She loves to bring out the life-force and the creativity inherent in everyone into the open through NVC and movement based on somatics. It brings her unrivaled joy to meet people experiencing the gratitude, beauty and wonder that they already possess innately in themselves. Exploration of the somatic body is a deep, bountiful and joyful path to be connected with NVC for...