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mary-mackenzie-150I’m excited about starting my blog.  I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted the content to be.  Finally, I decided that the mundane task of living NVC on a daily basis complete with all the foibles, missed opportunities for connection, downright blatant jackal voices, and the continual re-commitment to living NVC is where I wanted to put my focus.  I am passionate about the value of focusing on self, not at the exclusion of others, but rather as an acknowledgment that the best chance I have of living in a peaceful world is if I live peacefully myself.  I am no longer excited about social change outside myself.  I know that if I am successful at living peacefully, I create peace.

I was recently listening to NPR (National Public Radio) and a story came up about a pediatrician in the United States who had been molesting children for decades.  At the time of the report over 130 children (now adults) had come forward with complaints.  I literally groaned out loud, turned off the radio and then started praying.  I thought, “Bless all the children involved.  Bless their families.  Bless every person or animal who they have ever interacted with or with whom they will ever interact.  Bless the pediatrician.  Bless the pediatrician’s family…”

As the impact of one person’s actions began to take shape I cried hard as the overwhelm of it took hold.

Then, after crying hard for a few minutes, I felt an internal shift.  Suddenly, I was filled with hope, love and gratitude because I started going through the same process with regard to our world’s collective growth of consciousness.  Then I started to think, “Thank you for every single person who has ever been affected or will ever be affected by my growing consciousness, and every individual person in the world’s growing consciousness…”

I realized that we can feel utterly overwhelmed with the state of our world and negate our own power in shifting it.  And when we negate our power, we forget how profoundly important it is to focus on “being” the presence in the world we want.

This is no small task.  I believe it requires daily, sometimes moment-by-moment focus and commitment, taking responsibility for our part in any pain or violence in our world, and consciously shifting our course as a result.

So, on this day, I commit my blog to this small, simple topic of living in peace and integrity in my own life, thus supporting whatever sphere of influence I have, knowing that it is enough. My focus will be on living in NVC and presence to expand the peace I experience (and the peace I demonstrate) in my world.

Peace to whomever reads this,

Mary Mackenzie, Flagstaff, Arizona