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NVC Resources with Gregg Kendrick

The Empathy Factor in Workplaces Where People Thrive (Complete Course)

with Gregg Kendrick and Marie Miyashiro
Audio • 4 - 6 hours
Beginner Skill Level
4 - 6 hours
How is empathy in the workplace a professional skill? If you are ready to learn why and how empathy is the critical factor to more productivity, profitability and collaboration in the workplace, this recording is for you! The first session of this course is available for all to listen to and enjoy.

How to Create a “Living” Organization

Audio • 1 hour, 5 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 5 minutes
Listen to Mary Mackenzie interview Gregg Kendrick and one of his clients to learn how to successfully introduce NVC into an organization that is unfamiliar with the concept. Gregg’s client, Dale Neikirk, will be sharing how NVC has supported and improved the results of his insurance company, through Gregg’s masterly facilitation.

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