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Your Brain's Left Hemisphere and NVC

Video  • 7 minutes • 04/08/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
7 minutes

Sarah Peyton explains how your brain's left hemisphere excels at pattern making. NVC can help integrate both hemispheres, enabling you to use the left side's love of patterns for abstract thinking.

Hit the Ground Running: How to Build and Sustain your NVC Business

Video  • 1 hour, 10 minutes • 07/05/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 10 minutes

Listen in as Dian shares her vision for spreading NVC through the world, and engages with participants in sharing their visions, and the areas in which they are seeking support. This session stresses the value of visioning work.

How Privilege / Lack of Privilege Affects White People

with Jeff Brown
Video  • 1 hour, 18 minutes • 04/22/2017
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 18 minutes

Jeff Brown moderates a fishbowl discussion discussing why it's uncomfortable for them to talk about privilege… what they're doing to be aware of / combat racism… and the role of empathy and NVC around privilege.

Naturalizing NVC Language Series: Unacknowledged Fear Looks Like Aggression

Video  • 2 minutes • 06/07/2011
Intermediate Skill Level
2 minutes

CNVC Certified Trainer Miki Kashtan shares how Marshall Rosenberg helped her see how unacknowledged fear can be misinterpreted as aggression and offers an elegant and simple strategy for changing this dynamic.

The Power of Gratitude

Video  • 13 minutes • 11/15/2013
Beginner Skill Level
13 minutes

Listen to Jim and Jori ask each other about the role of gratitude in their daily activities as they share how gratitude can be a primary tool to help us stay present and at peace.

NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing

Video  • 2 hours, 48 minutes • 02/2011
Intermediate Skill Level
2 hours, 48 minutes

In this inspiring video, Gina Cenciose, CNVC Certified Trainer and Inner Relationship Focusing Guide and Instructor, offers an in-depth view of the distinctions and similarities between NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing (also known as IRF and Focusing).

Conflict Improv: She Talks Too Much!

Video  • 8 minutes • 2011
Intermediate Skill Level
8 minutes

In this edition of Conflict Improv, CNVC Certified Trainer Christine King navigates the challenging practice of expressing honesty when that expression might easily be heard as criticism.

The Living Energy of Needs

with Susan Skye
Video  • 32 minutes • 10/2007
Intermediate Skill Level
32 minutes

In this interactive video, Susan Skye helps you unlearn existing, negative associations with the term "needs" to instead build a new association grounded in your natural state of compassion.

Healing Old Pain

Video  • 41 minutes • Circa 2007
Advanced Skill Level
41 minutes

Watch this heartwarming video as Robert Gonzales works with a volunteer to heal old pain over a situation with her grandmother. By playing the grandmother role, and using three different role play scenarios, Robert guides the woman through three stages of healing.

Beyond Right and Wrong (Parts 1-3)

Video (Public)  • 00:44 hours:minutes • 03/2007
Introductory Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:44 hours:minutes
Using a Powerpoint presentation, Bridget Belgrave, CNVC Certified Trainer from the United Kingdom, demonstrates the key principles of Nonviolent Communication. Starting with needs at the center, Bridget builds a visual structure of the NVC process.