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The Four D's of Disconnection

Learning Tool  • 1 page • 01/2008
Introductory Skill Level
Learning Tool
1 page

Learn to recognize four forms of thinking and speaking that are likely to lead to disconnection.

Conflict Improv: My Friend's Inner Jackals

Video  • 9 minutes • Circa 2008
Beginner Skill Level
9 minutes

Kelly Bryson and Christine King engage in a role play about how to stay connected to a friend whose persistent jackal voices tell her that she is worthless and her life is hopeless.

Four Ways to Respond to a "Jackal" Message

with Liv Monroe
Video  • 13 minutes • 04/2007
Beginner Skill Level
13 minutes

In this lively video, veteran trainer, Liv Monroe, introduces the NVC mascots of jackal and giraffe by detailing what they represent and how they are used to teach NVC dialogue to others. Many examples of jackal expression are used throughout the video.

Connecting With Your Husband

Trainer Tip  • 7 minutes • Circa 2007
Intermediate Skill Level
Trainer Tip
7 minutes

Ask the Trainer: My question is about wanting to empathize more with my husband. Sometimes we connect very deeply, other times he slips back into "jackal talk..."

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