David Weinstock

Mourning, grief and celebration is a way to connect with what we love and want to honor.  In this trainer tip we learn that these three things can become a way for us to understand our emotions regarding our losses and appreciations.
How do you build new learning paths and change old practices? Listen as David presents the elements of somatic practice — including those that build new learning paths — and discover where that learning “sweet spot” is!
David explores how movement helps you hold your center when navigating challenging conversations. Example: Move to Wind ~ to calm your system; Move to Ground ~ to notice the ground on which you stand; and Step to Shikaku ~ step behind to practice empathic listening. Listen Now.
This course is designed to help you increase your ability to manage your moods and emotions, as well as eradicate old habituated responses to difficult people and situations. David Weinstock’s simple yet deep techniques can readily transform old reactions into resources for connection and healing — essential skills if you want to deepen the quality of your relationships and effect positive change!
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