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NVC Resources with Mary Mackenzie


with Mary Mackenzie and Susan Skye
Audio • 38 minutes
Intermediate Skill Level
38 minutes
In this compelling dialogue, veteran CNVC Certified Trainers, Susan Skye and Mary Mackenzie, discuss the intrinsic needs present in addictive behaviors, and how Nonviolent Communication aligns with the 12-step programs’ process for treating addiction.

Personal Breakthroughs in Nonviolent Communication: Identifying Needs

Video • 3 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
3 minutes
What are the qualities you value in your relationships? Mary teaches the NVC concept of needs to a group of people new to NVC, using a clever method she learned from Holly Eckert, a CNVC Certified Trainer in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Principles of Nonviolent Communication: Identifying Needs

Video • 54 minutes
Introductory Skill Level
54 minutes
Let this inspiring video guide you through exercises as if you are actually present at the workshop with Mary Mackenzie! The video opens with Mary leading you through an exercise that generates a physical experience of the NVC consciousness.

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