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Multi-session NVC courses (Nonviolent Communication)

What is Leadership?

Audio •  51 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
51 minutes

What specifically is leadership? And why do so many people step back from it? Listen in as Miki shares her experience and thoughts around changing the paradigm of leadership, as well as the role – and challenges – of using NVC when working for social change.

Acting with Courage and Imagination

Video •  11 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
11 minutes

In this snippet, Victor discusses acting with courage and imagination, and explores the dilemma of not acting because we fear we've not come up with the perfect intervention. Do we do more harm by waiting for the perfect inspiration instead of acting?

About Privilege...

Article •  8-12 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
8-12 minutes

"Privilege" has many meanings, which can bring confusion. Here are questions essential to navigating challenges in NVC community about "privilege": How to call attention to times when language is used to divide and not connect? Where are people coming from when they say "privilege"? How to focus on using whatever language supports the depth of connection we seek with the heart of the people in front of us? Read on for more.

Becoming a Change Agent Everywhere You Go

Audio •  52 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
52 minutes

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed – or locked into passivity? This course offers you a way out. Learn to change the way you perceive leadership, and you’ll help yourself respond more powerfully and proactively every day of your life – wherever you are – and whomever you’re with!

Applying Mindful Compassionate Dialogue To Violence In Ukraine

Practice Exercise •  12 -17 mins • 
Intermediate Skill Level
Practice Exercise
12 -17 mins

How to maintain conscious connection and compassion as you grapple with the tragic violence in Ukraine? Here we'll look at dissolving enemy images we have, inviting mourning, maintaining self connection that benefits our global community, creating ideas for action, acknowledging the power of what we envision, and engaging in an exercise for applying consciousness and skills to an imaginary scenario.

From Awareness to Action: Creating Bridges Across Differences

Audio •  45 minutes • 
Intermediate Skill Level
45 minutes

For many people, attempting to connect with others across differences can feel akin to walking through a minefield. With humility, tenderness, and courage, Roxy challenges your perspectives and encourages you to open your heart and mind. 

When Effects Are Invisible: From Comfort to Freedom

Article •  13 - 19 minutes • 
All Skill Levels
13 - 19 minutes

While so many of us know how close we are to the edge of global catastrophe and want change, what makes the existing global system continue to function with our ongoing participation? Read on for more on the challenges and path towards learning to steward life and all the resources of this one planet for the benefit of all.

Connecting Across the COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Divide

Audio •  1 hour 25 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
1 hour 25 minutes

Miki leads course participants in an exploration of connecting and understanding those with seemingly polar opposite beliefs and perspectives about COVID-19 pandemic vaccination. Miki demonstrates that to live nonviolently, we must include those whom we so strongly disagree with. 

Transforming Society Through Organizations

Article •  6 - 9 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
6 - 9 minutes

When we apply and practice NVC over a number of months in an organization, it can create group norms that make learning go deep faster. These new norms can impact people's interactions with others both inside and outside of work. From here, there's potential for people to start seeing value when they share these skills and experiences. This may create a ripple effect of interest in applying NVC across different domains in life.

Create Restorative Agreements

Video •  9 minutes • 
Beginner Skill Level
9 minutes

Here are five practical ideas from Ceri, Jo, and Sarah for creating simple agreements with any group you are working with when conflict arises!

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