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Restorative Practices in Education

Video (Public)  • 00:03 hours:minutes • 10/2017
Beginner Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:03 hours:minutes
NVC feelings and needs consciousness can be a transformative and sturdy foundation for all decisions, structures, and relationships created in a school setting — whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or child.

A More Expansive Understanding of Observations

Video (Public)  • 00:11 hours:minutes • 07/15/2019
Beginner Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:11 hours:minutes
Listen to Roxy expand our notion of making observations.

Responding to a Painful Comment

Video (Public)  • 00:45 hours:minutes • 10/2017
Beginner Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:45 hours:minutes
Responding to a Painful Comment: How do you carry on a conversation when someone’s comment has had an impact on you? And what happens when two intentions clash because of different perspectives? Here’s Roxy’s powerful, common sense approach.

Acknowledging the Impact of Identity within Social Change Movements

Video (Public)  • 00:55 hours:minutes • 08/08/2018
Intermediate Skill Level
Video (Public)
00:55 hours:minutes
Listen in as Roxy Manning and Mary Mackenzie introduce NVC… share information on the dynamics of identity in social change movements… and demonstrate through role playing how NVC grows connection.

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