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Lasting Love – The Magic and Mechanics (5 Session Course)

Audio  • 3 hours, 49 minutes • 04/07/2014
Intermediate Skill Level
3 hours, 49 minutes

Join Linda Mia Mukte (formerly Rysenbry), CNVC Certified Trainer, for this uniquely powerful telecourse recording that blends NVC with Dr. Sue Johnson’s empirically validated work on adult love relationships called EFCT: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Connecting Across the COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Divide

Audio  • 1 hour, 25 minutes • 9/24/2021
Intermediate Skill Level
1 hour, 25 minutes

Miki leads course participants in an exploration of connecting and understanding those with seemingly polar opposite beliefs and perspectives about COVID-19 pandemic vaccination. Miki demonstrates that to live nonviolently, we must include those whom we so strongly disagree with. 

Dialogue within Communities (4 Session Course)

Audio  • 5 - 7 hours • 12/07/2021
All Skill Levels
5 - 7 hours

Dialogue is a life-changing, heart-opening experience. It’s collaboration instead of compromise. Join Miki Kashtan for a practical, step-by-step framework to help you understand how a community develops, how to maintain or repair a community, and how this unique process creatively supports you and each member of your community in getting things done.

Practicing Unconditional Self-Acceptance When I Want Change

Audio  • 8 minutes • 3/12/2022
Intermediate Skill Level
8 minutes

In moments where we would like to see change, personal growth or spiritual transformation, rather than immediately acting to make a change, Robert suggests we practice unconditional self-acceptance through a spacious presence to our inner experience. Robert asks us to give our attention and spacious awareness to our own judgments, inner contractions, and other experiences we often regard as undesirable.

Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out

Video Conference  • 12 hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
12 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Heal internal messages that tell you you're not good enough
  • Release yourself from old habits and unmet needs
  • Deepen your ability to connect with self and heal your past
  • Heighten your ability to express your authentic self
  • Experience greater ease and joy in your relationships

NVC for Social Change: Navigating Systemic Issues with Compassion (2020)

Video Conference  • 16 hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
16 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Explore the relationship between personal healing and social change
  • Gain a fuller understanding of power and privilege
  • Clarify the difference between equity and equality
  • Learn how to navigate social issues with deeper love and compassion
  • Create effective, equitable processes in your community

Authentic Dialogues Across Race & Ethnicity

Video Conference  • 14 hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
14 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Speak honestly and authentically
  • Share your experiences and really be heard
  • Effectively manage self-doubt and overwhelm to stay present
  • Start creating a more equitable world

Jump In Now: Facilitation Basics

Video Conference  • 8 hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
8 hours (2 hours per session)
  • Clarify and accentuate your personal teaching style
  • Build a strong NVC network and support system
  • Expand your capacity for living in NVC consciousness
  • Learn how to balance everyone’s needs – yours included
  • Fall in love with NVC all over again

Embracing the Body: A Six Week Program on Somatic-Self-Empathy for Greater Empowerment, Insight, Freedom, and Choice

Video Conference  • 12 Hours (2 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
12 Hours (2 hours per session)
  • Learn your body’s “language” and how to listen deeply to it
  • Expand your NVC toolbox with emergency self-empathy tips
  • Explore drawing on your senses to get past what is blocking you
  • Discover and practice that “missing step” in the NVC process

Connecting in Conflict and the Art of Navigating Dialogue

Video Conference  • 12.5 hours (2.5 hours per session) • 

Video Conference
12.5 hours (2.5 hours per session)
  • Learn how to deal effectively with differences of opinion
  • Explore using Empathy as a tool for transforming relationships
  • Discover how to let go of judgment and live fully honest
  • Ramp up your ability to cope with internal conflict
  • Step fearlessly into asking for what you want

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