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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  11 minutes
What don't we know about ourselves? Our unconscious contracts impact us, our shadow selves, and our relationships. In this snippet, Sarah uses her own unconscious contract to demonstrate navigating through reactions to today’s political environment. Listen.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  8 minutes
How have have you suffered by making resolutions, and not going as far with them as you wanted? Join Kristin in setting three intentions instead of resolutions: one for your body, one for a close relationship, and one for the larger world!
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  24 minutes
During this session, Miki defines internalized oppression and explores ways of coping with it. Curious to know how YOU may have unconsciously agreed to internalized oppression, and how the role you are playing in life might be supporting it? Listen in.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:08 hours:minutes
Do you find yourself struggling sometimes with self-empathy? Are you looking for greater clarity and ease around it? We’ve got your back. Get yourself a piece of paper and follow Mary Mackenzie through the intensive self-empathy method she calls The Mackenzie Wrap! Check it Out.
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All Skill Levels  •  Audio (Public)  •  11 minutes
When a participant's sister reveals the Ku Klux Klan broke into her home and dragged her towards a burning cross, it challenges her commitment to nonviolence. Miki shares a practice that, even in extreme polarization, connects freedom and healing in us all. Listen. Excerpted from…
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:12 hours:minutes
In this awareness exercise, Jesse approaches NVC from a Tai Chi or Zen perspective, enabling you to witness what is in relationship to a specific focus. He draws attention to the lived experience of an object rather than using words as a substitute for the…
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Beginner Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:09 hours:minutes
How do we deal with ourselves when we're less than perfect? Listen in as Kathleen guides you through a 6-step exercise in empathic presence based on Marshall Rosenberg's Self-Empathy process.
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Intermediate Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:07 hours:minutes
Listen in as Kit presents a 4-step practice for developing nonviolence as a way of harnessing energy for change: what Gandhi called Truth Force, or Satyagraha.
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Introductory Skill Level  •  Audio (Public)  •  00:56 hours:minutes
Learn the fundamental principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and you will gain useful communication tools you can apply in all aspects of your life. This audio is recommended if you’d enjoy a short introduction to NVC or a quick refresher.
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